The year 2023: Closing One Chapter, Preparing for the Next

As we power down 2023, let's reboot our memories and revisit the cryptic journey of CR14 – filled with important numbers, strong global partnerships, and an inspiring growing team of #cyberrangers.

Yearly wrap up by cyberrangers

Our #cyberrangers were at the forefront of five crucial international cybersecurity exercises: Cyber Coalition, Locked Shields, Defence Cyber Marvel, CWIX, and Crossed Swords. Each exercise was an opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities, especially during Locked Shields, where we managed to deploy nearly 6000 virtual machines, showcasing not only our technical skills but also our collaborative spirit.

Moreover, we trained over 5100 individuals on our multiverse of cyber ranges, highlighting our commitment to cyber excellence. And we can’t forget the 75 international guests who joined us for winter swimming – it’s not just fun; it’s a way to show that we’re always ready for a challenge!

Looking to the future, our Research and Development team did something amazing this year, securing a significant 1.81 MEUR grant for 2023, with a promising potential of 4.69 MEUR for 2024. Our R&D is not just about numbers tho; it’s about pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers in cybersecurity.

Our in-house software development team has also made significant contributions, coding 160,000 new lines that have strengthened the multiverse of cyber ranges. As we approach the completion of the Open Cyber Range project, they’re gearing up for new ventures. Their readiness to embrace upcoming projects will undoubtedly create a positive impact. We take pride in having such a dedicated in-house team that’s integral to CR14’s success story.

As we power down 2023, we’re not just celebrating what we’ve done. We can’t wait to see what we’ll achieve together in 2024 – more progress, better solutions, and bigger impacts in the cyber defence world.

The MoU signing ceremony at the Accelerating Decarbonisation and Digitalisation Conference in Singapore

CR14 helps to safeguard the seven seas

Maritime technology has been developing rapidly for some time now, with 80% of world trade transported by sea today. While we enjoy the fruits of that development, we must remember to fortify our defences to ensure they remain untainted. That is why we proudly announce that CR14 has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and Tallinn University of Technology to jointly focus and collaborate on maritime cybersecurity R&D.

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