CR14 enabling an event where it "Pays to be a Winner"

The largest Western Europe-led cyber exercise Defence Cyber Marvel 3 took place in Tallinn, on CR14's cyber range, featuring 41 teams with one thousand participants from 90 organisations, 17 nations and 51 industry partners.


This year’s exercise marked CR14’s second consecutive year as the cyber range provider for Defence Cyber Marvel 3 (DCM3), underscoring our commitment to supporting Europe’s premier cyber defence exercise organised by the Army Cyber Association. This time, it was also the first pan-Defence initiative to build a grassroots community across Defence, His Majesty’s Government and British Army’s international allies and partners.  

The exercise had a broad experimental environment specifically targeted at simulating cyber innovation for participants of all skill levels and experience. Teams took part in various technical challenges, competing against each other whilst being judged. Key tasks included building and training AI to aid commanders’ decision-making.  

With twelve years of military-grade cyber range experience and marking our second year powering DCM3 shows, we proudly handle challenging issues with dedication and intelligent solutions. Through our Cyber Range, we supported with:

  • Enabling 41 Bde worth of representative virtual CIS, and operational technology to be deployed in 72 hrs
  • With over 5000 virtual machines
  • 15 Representative SCADA/OT systems
  • Geographically dislocated virtually connected teams
  • And we are especially proud of supporting Quantum powered AI/ML Decision making, as quantum computing is going to be a game changer. Our #cyberrangers are definitely here to support this kind of innovation!

The British Army is pushing the boundaries with new tech and skills in cyber safety. To keep our online spaces safe, DCM3 helps the military prepare for future challenges and stay one step ahead in protecting us from cyber dangers. In addition, DCM is an excellent example of bringing together different people to use their tech skills to the fullest and helps train new talent for the future.  

Through initiatives like DCM3, CR14 continues to support the British Army and the Allies in staying ahead of cyber threats, ensuring a secure digital future for all.


The MoU signing ceremony at the Accelerating Decarbonisation and Digitalisation Conference in Singapore

CR14 helps to safeguard the seven seas

Maritime technology has been developing rapidly for some time now, with 80% of world trade transported by sea today. While we enjoy the fruits of that development, we must remember to fortify our defences to ensure they remain untainted. That is why we proudly announce that CR14 has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and Tallinn University of Technology to jointly focus and collaborate on maritime cybersecurity R&D.

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