CR14 becomes official test-center for NATO DIANA

CR14 has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with NATO's Defense Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA), solidifying its position as an official test centre. This milestone partnership marks a significant step in advancing defence innovation and strengthening cyber defence capabilities.

Siim Alatalu and Deeph Chana at Tehnopol

Deeph Chana, Managing Director of NATO DIANA, visited CR14 to celebrate the occasion and expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration. Chana stated, “Fantastic visit to CR14 and very pleased to have signed our Estonian test centre MoUs for DIANA. Anchor partnership in the making here and a shared vision of what defence innovation should mean in the future.

Siim Alatalu, CEO of CR14 stated: “This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to driving innovation in defence and cyber security. We are proud to be an official test center and look forward to leveraging our expertise and resources to contribute to the DIANA framework.”

As an authorised test centre, CR14 offers various specialised services to support the DIANA framework. These services include providing computing power in an isolated environment to execute a wide range of workloads, from mission-critical applications to low-traffic sites. CR14 also offers a secure development environment, an Open Cyber Range (OCR) for cyber exercise running, access to a digital twin of the Central Training Area of Estonian Defence Forces, utilisation of cyber-physical systems and simulators, and consultations and mentorship for designing cyber defence exercises or simulations within CR14’s infrastructure.

In a recent visit to Estonia, Deeph Chana, the Managing Director of NATO DIANA, met with the leaders of the Estonian test centres, including CR14, at the Tehnopol science and business campus. During the visit, MoU was signed, solidifying the collaboration between DIANA and multiple Estonian institutions, including TalTech, Tartu University, CR14, the Estonian Military Academy, the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, and the Estonian Aviation Academy.

The DIANA framework aims to connect multiple test centres in Estonia and other locations across Europe, fostering innovation and providing dedicated facilities for testing and validating emerging technologies. Tehnopol, in collaboration with Tartu Science Park and the startup accelerator Startup Wiseguys, will lead the implementation of DIANA’s activities in Estonia. The European branch office of DIANA will be established at the Tehnopol science and business campus.

CR14 invites startups and private sector organizations to take advantage of the opportunities the Open Cyber Range (OCR) provides - a secure and dynamic environment for validating, training, and developing cutting-edge cyber defence solutions. Whether you are an established organisation or a startup, the OCR is available for you to explore and enhance your cyber defence capabilities.

Register your interest in NATO DIANA as a potential applicant, industry partner, investor, or another active member of the growing Allied innovation ecosystem here


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