Amplifying Cyber Defense Synergy: Strategic Staff Exchange with Singapore

In cyber security, collaboration has become the cornerstone of defending digital landscapes. Recognising this urgency, the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Estonia and the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Singapore united their efforts through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) back in May 2022. At the heart of this strategic alliance lies a commitment to bolstering cyber security and military cyber defence capabilities through joint training, exercises, and knowledge-sharing.


The recent completion of the first staff exchange between CR14 and CyTEC, the Cyber Defence Test and Evaluation Centre is not just a mere accomplishment; it signifies a leap forward in collaborative cyber defence efforts.

Kristi’s Journey to Singapore: Sharing and Learning

A vital part of the CR14-CyTEC teamwork is the exchange of skills, shown well by Kristi Reispass, CR14’s software developer. Packed with CR14’s military tech cyber skills, Kristi went to Singapore to show how CR14 does things while also learning from CyTEC’s intelligent strategies. Kristi’s focus went way beyond just talking about ideas and creating connections. She rolled up her sleeves and got into the nitty-gritty of CR14’s Open Cyber Range (OCR) and how it should work in real life (as we know, OCR is still under development as part of the Norwegian Grants and EAS fund). Her hard work shows how serious both sides are about keeping our cyberspace safe.

Chia’s Search for Knowledge: Discovering Estonia’s Cyber Scene

Back on the journey’s timeline, Chia from CyTEC was also on a quest for cyber knowledge. As CyTEC provides the cyber range capability for MINDEF/SAF cyber defence units to conduct advanced and team training, Chia’s visit to CR14 in February was a big step in strengthening the partnership. While joining in on the Defence Cyber Marvel exercise, Chia also got to dive into the tech details of OCR. Spending weeks in cold-cold Estonia, she got right into the action, teaming up with CR14’s software development team and sharing her own know-how. Chia even joined our HR at a job fair in Tartu and developed our CyberGame further, accessible in CR14’s demo room - showing that this teamwork is about more than just tech stuff.

As cyber threats keep changing, the success of these staff exchanges shows how important it is for different groups to team up in cyber defence. The recent staff exchange between CR14 and Singapore CyTEC serves as a testament to the power of international collaboration.

Beyond the technical intricacies and collaboration, the staff exchange program has unlocked many topics for the future. The MoU has sowed the seeds of innovation and progress, fortifying the cyber defence capabilities of both Estonia and Singapore.

The MoU signing ceremony at the Accelerating Decarbonisation and Digitalisation Conference in Singapore

CR14 helps to safeguard the seven seas

Maritime technology has been developing rapidly for some time now, with 80% of world trade transported by sea today. While we enjoy the fruits of that development, we must remember to fortify our defences to ensure they remain untainted. That is why we proudly announce that CR14 has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and Tallinn University of Technology to jointly focus and collaborate on maritime cybersecurity R&D.

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